Corporate Law

Fondia's corporate law experts will support you with their expertise in all corporate law matters throughout the life cycle of your company.

Corporate law

Fondia's corporate law experts have experience in providing practical support to the business in both private and listed companies. We handle all corporate law related issues in a professional and efficient manner. Many of our corporate law experts have served as board secretaries and have experience among other things of organizing general meetings. We also provide advice on corporate governance issues, shareholders' agreements, issues related to options and other incentive schemes, and for example mergers and demergers. We create additional value for your company in addition through our expertise, through our proactive approach and practical advice.

Corporate law
Board of Directors
Board Duties and Responsibilities
Board Secretary
General Meetings
Mergers and Demergers
Shareholders' Agreements
Securities Market Regulation
Incentive Schemes
Corporate Governance

Business-oriented advisory services

Several of our corporate lawyers have previously worked as general counsels or in-house legal counsels and are used to supporting the business operations, concentrating on essential matters, and acting as trusted advisors to the company and its management.

In addition to their business-oriented approach, our lawyers are highly skilled professionals in corporate law with a long track record of handling challenging assignments. We help our clients create realistic and useful solutions that support the company at the different stages of its life cycle.

Fondia is a listed company, and therefore we also have practical experience of operating as a listed company and have a deeper understanding of the challenges of securities market regulation.

We advise our clients on matters such as:

  • Corporate governance

  • Share-based incentive schemes (e.g. option schemes)

  • Share issues

  • Shareholders’ agreements

  • Convertible loans and capital loan arrangements

  • Duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • Work of the Board of Directors (rules of procedure and annual board calendar)

  • Board secretary services

  • Preparation and documentation for general meetings, and we provide services to act as the chairman and/or secretary for the meeting.

  • Issues related to l the governance of listed companies, insider regulation, disclosures and in general related to the securities market regulation.

  • Corporate arrangements such as mergers and demergers, incorporations, dissolutions, etc.

Through our LDaaS service model, we can, if needed, substitute internal company lawyers, for instance during parental leave, and take care of tasks such as acting as the secretary of the board.

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We were planning to divest a subsidiary in Finland and from Fondia we got hands-on legal help and an entire team to work with us.