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Tytti Rajala

Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 7205 441 Tampere

Tytti Rajala

I joined Fondia in the summer of 2014 and still enjoy our way of doing law. These years in Fondia have included various LDaaS customers such as start-up companies with growth stories, family companies, and larger organizations. I work in customer teams as an employment law expert and advise companies of different sizes in a variety of employment law situations and help with documentation. I am also happy to do company law and I am a part of various M&A projects. Previously, I worked in the legal department of KPMG. There were a lot of owner-entrepreneurs as customers, therefore I consulted companies extensively on company and labor law matters.

Free time is important, and I organize my calendar so that I have time to take on the many different roles I want. To my delight, I find that I succeed in it and like what I do. I most likely play padel and baseball or go golfing or orienteering in the woods.

Employment law
M&A and Finance