Mats Lekman

Mats Lekman

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Corporate Lead +46 760 459 129 Stockholm

Mats Lekman consults in matters concerning corporate law, M&A and business agreements, specially with IT and questions related to IPR.

With a background as a corporate lawyer at Swedish Match and Accenture, a Nordic chief lawyer at Gallaher and SAP, a lawyer at Setterwalls and Nova and my own law practice, I have had the opportunity to work in law from many perspectives. Today, I have more than 30 years’ experience working with companies in a number of different industries, in areas such as commercial agreements, corporate law, competition law, IT and IPR-related issues and M&A, just to name a few. But, with that said, practising law in combination with the client relationship is what drives me the most: helping companies grow through value-creating advice.

I started at Fondia in 2021 and feel at home with the way we work. It is very close to my previous roles as a lawyer and corporate lawyer.

In addition to my work at Fondia, I am also involved in total defence issues where I can use my legal knowledge in international law and defence-related law in procurement and security. In my free time, hunting and the great outdoors are what drive me.

IT & IPR -related issues
Commercial agreements
Corporate law
The IT- and consulting industry
Defence suppliers
Real estate