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Sarah Edvardsson

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Tax Lead +46 768 37 33 25 Göteborg

Sarah Edvardsson assists Fondia's clients in areas such as tax law, company law and M&A.

I love how, as a lawyer, I get an insight into different companies and their activities. My heart beats extra for entrepreneurial and owner-managed companies. At Fondia, I work with business law in general, but focus primarily on tax law, company law and M&A.

I have a bachelor’s degree in law from University of Stockholm and have worked for over seven years as a lawyer at some of the biggest audit firms. I have special experience of national and international income tax issues for companies and their owners.

I started at Fondia in the autumn of 2021 and was attracted by Fondia's ambition to be innovative in a conservative industry.

Outside of the office, I spend time with family and friends, preferably outdoors or at home eating a lovely dinner. I like to be active and enjoy planning and looking for the next renovation project at home.