Corporate Responsibility

For an inclusive, green and prosperous world.

Sustainability in everything we do

Corporate Social Responsibility in Fondia is shaped by a culture based on us taking care of each other. As an employer, we offer good opportunities to combine work and family life. For example, we use digital work. We also want to take greater responsibility for people, society, and the environment. Fondia's social responsibility is implemented through various forms of collaboration and pro-bono work.

At Fondia, sustainability is embedded in our organizational culture. It is how we treat each other and our customers, our society, and our stakeholders and how we foster economic performance now and in the future. We are committed to conducting our business in a responsible and sustainable way and we expect the same commitment from our suppliers.


Fondia is also responsible for the environment. Our Helsinki office is proud to be a certified WWF Green Office and in all our operations, we prefer low paper use, recycling, waste sorting, public transport, and local and organic food. Many of us have taken these good manners all the way home. We expect environmental thinking both in our own activities and from the services and products produced by our business partners. The largest environmental effects in law firms are typically caused by the consumption of paper and electricity and by the carbon dioxide emissions produced by travelling. We are committed to significantly reducing these effects of our activities over the next three years. In addition, everyone at our Helsinki office sorts their daily office waste, and almost all the office waste we produce can be recycled or used to produce energy.

Virtual Lawyer

Our lawyers have created an online legal database that is accessible to everyone - the basic version of Virtual Lawyer is free; it is one of the ways we want to be socially responsible.

Promoting Arts

In addition, Fondia encourages young artists to succeed. Our Helsinki office offers wall space for the Academy of Fine Arts' changing student exhibitions, and interested buyers are provided with contact information for the artists. At the same time, the visual art gallery brings joy to both staff and customers. You are welcome to come and visit the exhibition!

Pro Bono

Fondia's social responsibility is implemented through various forms of collaboration and pro-bono work. Proposals from the staff form the basis for our pro bono work with the basic premise that we provide legal advice in accordance with the company's strategy and our areas of expertise.

The focus of our pro bono partnerships is that the activities should either aim to create an inclusive and safe society or promote nature conservation in the Baltic Sea region. Here are our current pro bono partners in all Fondia countries.

Norrtulls sportklubb

Nortulls Sportklubb

Norrtulls Sportklubb is a sports club located in Vasastan, a central suburb in Stockholm, Sweden. They encourage all immigrant children living in Vasastan area to join their sports teams to integrate into Swedish society through play & fun. Each new player receives a starting kit of training clothes and many players also have a sponsor family to support the child in their sport. In 2018, the integration project was awarded both the Nelson Mandela Prize and the Mitt i Vasastan Prize "My Local Hero 2018".

We Foundation

We Foundation (Me-säätiö) was founded in Finland in 2015 to decrease societal inequality and social marginalization of children and their families. Their goal is to help offering all children equal chances for a good life, no matter what’s their family background or starting point. One of the most recent activities include initiating a football team for children.
red wooden house with garden

Nendre preschool

Nendre is a nonprofit preschool and a day centre for schoolchildren in Vilnius, Lithuania. It offers affordable quality childcare for several families enabling a balanced life.

Finnish Church Aid

Church Aid is Finland’s largest development cooperation organization. FCA was originally founded in 1947 to coordinate international aid to Finland from the United States and Sweden after World War II. Finland turned into a provider of assistance in the 1960s, and FCA has grown ever since. FCA was a part of the Church of Finland’s international department until 1995 when FCA became an independent foundation. Their mission is “action for human dignity”. Photo: Finn Church Aid

Fondia’s experts help you to manage sustainability risks and business opportunities

Fondia's lawyers closely follow the legal development concerning sustainability issues related to business law and help every customer stay one step ahead.

In addition to knowledge of sustainability issues, our lawyers have solid experience in business law, a strong business focus and a proactive approach. We assist in all aspects of sustainability: human rights, labour, environment and business ethics including anti-corruption. Our lawyers translate the sustainability requirements into concrete advice for your company, regardless of its size and industry, and help you manage sustainability risks and business opportunities.

Learn more about sustainability in our work here!