Per Gyllenhammar Hoppe

Senior Legal Counsel +46 72 189 72 11 Stockholm

With a broad legal background and expertise in corporate and M&A, Per is passionate about helping Fondia's clients grow, develop and succeed

I am passionate about helping small and large national and international companies to create the right conditions for their business, both through transactions and organizational changes. Thanks to 20 years of experience in a law firm, as a corporate lawyer at a Big Four firm, but also with experience on the corporate side, I have experience of working on legal issues from different perspectives and understanding what the recipient of legal services wants. I have also worked a lot with Swedish foundations and non-profit organizations where the focus has been on how to establish them and various issues related to the interpretation of statutes and amendment of statutes.

When I'm not working with law, I'm engaged in sports of various forms. I work as a track and field referee, a coach for long distance runners and as a children's coach. For myself, sports consist mostly of running in various forms and activities with skis on my feet.

Corporate law