Let Fondia’s employment lawyers help make sure your company is a safe, attractive and reliable place to work.

Keep employee issues running smooth

Our practical and professional employment lawyers have extensive expertise, having served in roles from in-house positions to employer organizations and more. We’ll be there to support you on all legal issues related to employment and staff, including HR and leadership.

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Committed to you and your business

As an employer, creating an attractive, safe and responsible workplace for your employees means not only handling issues when they do arise but also proactively working to make sure they don’t. Fondia's employment law specialists provide advice on all types of issues related to employment law – from ongoing issues to more complex situations throughout all stages of an employment relationship.

At Fondia, we have extensive experience with planning and executing various employment related projects in all kinds of companies. Our lawyers will be there to support you with negotiating and working with employees, impactful personnel planning and documentation, as well as with training and workshops.

Working together with you, we’ll minimize potential risks and proactively create solutions to help you become a responsible and attractive employer. Our service allows your team to focus on your business instead of handling problems.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

Ongoing legal advice in employment law matters

  • Agreements for staff and directors (including. CEO)

  • Staff performance issues

  • Issues related to dismissal

  • Relocation of employees

  • Co-operation negotiations and procedures

  • Union negotiations

  • Employee and applicant privacy issues

  • Salary and Benefits

  • Working time issues

  • Competition restrictions

  • Layoffs (furloughs)

  • Agency-hired labor and staff leasing

  • Occupational health and safety issues

  • Employment law issues related to mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing and other change and transformation projects

  • Employment law disputes

  • Monitoring changes in legislation

  • Annual HR matters and statutory HR plans


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