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Supercell Oy

"We are happy to say that we trust Fondia’s expertise and performance."

Supercell Oy

Fondia helps us with our contract administration and matters concerning piracy surveillance as well as responding to possible problems. Fondia has a good range of tools, methods and systems for this purpose. 

Our philosophy is to concentrate on what we do best, which is gaming development and it is for this reason that we want to keep our team small. To achieve this, we outsource functions that are essential but not central to our work. Therefore, we have handed over our legal matters to a specialist - Fondia. 

Fondia has built tools and services in a very customer-oriented way and we have picked bits and pieces from it, such as contract administration and piracy surveillance. Fondia’s lawyers are able to speak our language, they are practical and very much hands-on. 

We have some well-established work methods with our Fondia team and this means that everything relating to us is in order. On occasions we have invited Fondia’s team to visit us here as it is always good to meet face to face from time to time. We are very pleased and so far there hasn’t been anything that hasn’t worked. 

We believe in long-term partnerships. Once we find a suitable partner and are pleased with them, then the co-operation continues. We are happy to say that we trust Fondia’s expertise and performance. 

Markku Ignatius, Head of Legal Department 

Supercell Oy 


"Fondia’s lawyers are able to speak our language, they are practical and very much hands-on."