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Liisa Marsala

Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 7205 708 Helsinki

Liisa Marsala

I joined Fondia’s professional team in August of 2019. What fascinates me the most in Fondia is the practical service model they offer, which supports the clients daily business needs well. Before Fondia I worked as a corporate lawyer in an international diversified company for a long time, being accountable for the corporation’s legal issues comprehensively. I’ve also worked as a head of HR and as a managing director in the field of retail, and therefore I’ve gotten professional experience from a variety of different sectors of business and law for approximately 20 years.

In my spare time I strive to go to the gym or do yoga, and visit different cultural events with my friends. I also enjoy reading, traveling, good food and wines.

Employment law
Ethics and compliance
General Counsel
Business Legal Agreements