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ICT & Tech

We guide you through the fourth industrial revolution; the tech revolution.

Our team has vast legal experience in ICT & Technology legislation

Fondia’s lawyers have their background in ICT or media companies, or they have long experience within ICT matters in well-known law firms.​ Our customers range from leading software companies in the telecommunications and technology industry to new and upcoming start-ups. We advise our clients on technology, outsourcing, cyber security, data protection and communications.


Commitment and business savvy advisory

We assist our customers especially in their day-to-day business related to licensing, services, product delivery, distribution, consulting services, and procurement.

We advise our customers in:

  • Software licensing

  • Outsourcing

  • System procurement and delivery

  • Cloud services

  • Online services

  • Privacy

  • Cyber security

  • Biotechnology agreements

Our experts

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