Nathalie Grogan

Senior Legal Counsel + 46 72 386 94 00 Gothenburg

Nathalie assists Fondia's clients in privacy and corporate matters.

Having a broad work experience has given me a perspective and insight on different businesses and different roles. Since right before GDPR came to life I have dedicated fulltime on learning and working with the different aspects that came with it. I enjoy everything from operational work to strategic work to classic DPO work to the nitty gritty of every small or big question that arises within privacy. I come from the IT industry, having worked as a DPO for an IT solution provider. A good portion of time I have also spent on DPA’s and negotiating these with clients. If I can make GDPR easy to practice for our customers in their daily organization then I will be happy as it benefits everyone.

In the spare time that I have I feel the best when creating memories together with my loved ones. Sometimes the best memories comes from the worst moments and all that beautiful mess. Travels, adventures, food, simplicity and people with humor, big hearts and fearlessness makes this world a better place in my eyes.

Data protection
Corporate law