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Anneli Rönn

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Data Protection Lead +46 723 967 458 Göteborg

Anneli Rönn

Here at Fondia, I help companies in a wide variety of industries with their legal challenges in their quest to do better business. I have specialised knowledge in the information, consumer and finance industries, with a focus on data protection (privacy) and commercial agreements.

Before Fondia, I worked at a court, for a law firm and insurance company, but for the most part I was an internal corporate lawyer at a credit reporting company. It has given me a good understanding of what challenges a company has in its daily operations and I am accustomed to communicating with executives in different areas and at all levels. In my assignments, I always strive to find a solution that is as legal as it is practically sustainable for the client.

When you have a sedentary job, you have to devote part of your free time to movement - for body and soul. In my case, that is preferably downhill skiing, if given the opportunity, or dancing in some form.

Besides sports, I like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy cooking a good dinner. And over the years, I have come to really enjoy working on puzzles!

Information and data
Integrity and data privacy
Commercial agreements
Labour law