Eneli Perolainen

Baltic Managing Director +3725126707 eneli.perolainen@fondia.com Tallinn

Eneli Perolainen

I have been managing Fondia Baltic since autumn 2020. My previous work experience comes from the Estonian Association of International Road Carriers and big audit and consulting companies, such as Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, and Deloitte. I can describe myself as an experienced transaction and restructuring adviser and project manager. In addition to managing Fondia's Estonian and Lithuanian companies, I can also create value for Fondia's customers as a strong corporate lawyer. My favorite areas are transactions, mergers and demergers, and the regulation of shareholder relations. 

My spare time is spent mainly with the family and the renovation of the country house in Hiiumaa. I love to travel. Before Corona, trips to nearby and more distant destinations were made a few times a year. 

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