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Hanna Kaspers

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish IPR Lead +46 76 317 80 17 Stockholm

Hanna helps Fondias clients with legal areas such as intellectual property law, IT law and marketing law.

For me, law is a useful, exciting and creative business tool and I appreciate working close to my customers to find the best way forward, both from a legal- and a business perspective. I mainly work with intellectual property law, internal law, IT law, know-how, and related legal areas such as marketing issues, company law and commercial agreements.

With previous experience as a corporate lawyer and a also having held management positions, I have a good understanding of how law can go hand in hand with business. I have furthermore worked as a consultant at two larger IP-bureaus and have thereby a deep and good understanding of Intellectual property and similar areas.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I also appreciate time spent in my garden, a nice contrast to my working days. I love spending time in the nature and look just as much forward to the slalom slope during the winter as the beach in the summer.

Internal law
Intellectual property