Whether you are an information and communication technology user or a supplier, Fondia's ICT team can help you with your legal questions and with drafting and negotiating contracts.


Our experts have gained a wide range of industry experience working in IT, ICT and technology companies. We actively monitor developments in the industry and provide our customers with functional and practical solutions and advice.

We advise our clients on legal matters and contract negotiations related to AI, cloud service, outsourcing, projects, licensing, consulting, cybersecurity, and tendering. We also take data protection issues into account in our contracts and advice. Our clients include both service and software providers as well as  purchasers and users of ICT-services.

Data legislation
Cyber security
Cloud services

We advise our clients on:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Data legislation

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cloud services

  • Saas, PaaS, IaaS

  • Software and license agreements

  • Agreements on system deliveries

  • Hardware agreements

  • Service, consultancy, and project contracts

  • Outsourcing contracts

  • Intellectual property rights

  • Open source

  • Responding to requests for public procurement

  • Negotiation procedures in public procurement

Our ICT experts

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