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The rapidly changing digital environment and legislation really dictate how companies process personal data, whether it’s of their customers, patients, employees or stakeholders. Our experienced data protection lawyers will be there to support you with all data protection and privacy related matters. For example we can help you navigate everyday privacy questions, ongoing projects, due diligence matters and in the creation of privacy programs.

We can provide legal advice on both EU-level legislation like GDPR and ePrivacy and specific national data protection legislation, related, for example, to work life privacy. Our data protection lawyers are specialized in a range of data protection fields and have extensive knowledge in areas like patient and health data related legislation.

You can also choose our Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) option, which means one of our data protection lawyers will serve as your company’s own dedicated Data Protection Officer. To learn more about DPOaaS, please click HERE.

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Committed to you and your business

In addition to providing legal advice, we can also help you solve the business challenges around data protection. We’re committed to supporting your business today and working with you to identify and manage potential risks early so that you can focus on your core business, your goals and your vision.

We’re ready to jump into projects and at any stage and make sure that all of your data protection issues are handled effectively and with care.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

  • Preparing and negotiating data processing and transfer agreements

  • Preparing and facilitating data protection impact assessments

  • Building data protection programs and processes

  • Preparing privacy policies and data protection guidelines

  • Training your employees and staff about data protection

  • Patient and health data related matters

  • Matters related to employees’ personal data and work life privacy

  • E-Marketing related data protection questions

  • Privacy issues related to financial services

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