Law stories

We are proud of our clients! Here you can read more about their experiences with us.

Aditro Holding

"Fondia's lawyers were very proactive and business-oriented, as well as solution-focused."


"Through working with Fondia, I have found that the quality and speed of legal services has improved significantly for us."

Arctia Meritaito Ltd.

"I have appreciated the easy communication and professional staff of Fondia, both in Finland and in Estonia"


"Fondia’s lawyers are very professional and they have a good understanding of international business."


"Fondia’s way of working is effective and straightforward, and this does not merely apply to our contact person. You get excellent service from everyone at Fondia."

"Fondia's lawyers understand every angle of a given situation"


"We have managed to negotiate surprisingly significant changes to agreements and it has given me a great sense of gratification."

Estplast Tootmine OÜ

"Fondia has helped us with consulting on drafting contracts with our customers, Real Estate development consulting, and Tax consulting."

Gorilla Capital

"Fondians are suitably active and genuine professionals who always seem to think about the best operating model for the customer."

Gourmante Baltics Oü

"Working with Fondia has been frictionless and efficient, with good communication and quick support in all legal matters we’ve faced"

"These days we also have our own lawyer, but we still need Fondia and our Fondia team."


"Our Fondia team is very familiar with the functions and terminology of both our company and our business field and this makes the cooperation smooth."
Kemijoki hydropower plant


"The cooperation has run smoothly and matched our expectations, although we have faced quite demanding situations together at times."


"We had a time pressure and Fondia knew how to complete the process in due time. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Fondia."


"Fondia’s advice has not been confined to legal matters only; they are also equipped to comment on business matters if so required."

"I have been truly impressed with the usage of technology at Fondia. We use our MyFondia portal on a daily basis."

Nordic Morning

"The lawyer of Fondia’s transaction team has been of excellent assistance on M&A related matters and has carried out her duties in a very impressive and reliable manner."

Nobel Digital OÜ

"It’s good to know that whenever we have something we need help with, we can always rely on Eneli and her team. "


"Fondia knows our course of action and we can trust that we have the best possible expertise."


"With Fondia’s help, we’ve dealt with public procurement, employment law, and company law related matters, as well as complex contracts."

Ponsse Oyj

"Working with Fondia is clear and uncomplicated. This is obviously something they take into account when they hire people."

"Fondia’s pricing is transparent and cost-efficient. You can be confident that there will be no unpleasant surprises."


"The threshold for calling and querying is low, thanks to both the people and the concept. And the service is swift - even in situations when we have had many questions."

Saari Partners

"What has been best in our opinion is that we have always been able to rely on Fondia and that all practical matters – lots of different paperwork and everything else – have always been completed in an enjoyable way."


"It is brilliant that with Fondia we get an expert for every legal issue that we encounter."

Saku Metall AS

Working with Fondia has been a pure joy. Fondia's response speed is excellent!

Sappi Fine Paper

"With Fondia's Legal Department Service Sappi managed to cover all its day-to-day legal affairs in Finland for a fixed monthly fee."

"I have been truly impressed with the usage of technology at Fondia. We use our MyFondia portal on a daily basis."


"A recurring scenario for us at Semantix is that we email Fondia without any prior warning, even if the matter is relatively urgent – and this works fantastically."


"Once we find a suitable partner and are pleased with them, then the co-operation continues. We are happy to say that we trust Fondia’s expertise and performance."

"Operational and high-quality operations have left us to cooperate with Fondia for years."