"Working with Fondia is clear and uncomplicated."

Ponsse Plc

As a public company we require legal services, but so far it has not been practical to have legal resources of our own. Because of this we have chosen to work with an external partner - specifically Fondia’s Legal Department Service. 

Through an external partner we have access to a wider range of legal services and our needs have varied a lot. We have worked with them on drafting contracts, disputes, patent matters, corporate transactions and everything in between. 

Fondia’s flexibility is good as our level of need is not constant. There can be months of silence and then all of a sudden we might need help on a daily basis. 

Fondia has been able to put into practice a business-oriented focus. Although we do not need an expert in forest machinery, Fondia knows how to project a case while simultaneously maintaining the big picture. A business-oriented perspective has ruled, which means the lawyer presents the legal aspects and risks. From there the business management decides how to continue. 

The lawyers at Fondia have the patience to listen and provide the necessary context before starting work. This makes the collaboration focused. Knowing the context makes it easier to achieve objectives. Within legal services I have often encountered pedantry which has resulted in not being able to see the wood for the trees. This is not the case with Fondia. 

Working with Fondia is clear and uncomplicated. This is obviously something they take into account when they hire people. We appreciate that Fondia’s lawyers are swift in their responses as this is of the utmost importance. We do not always have to rush but it is important to know that a matter is being attended to efficiently. 

Petri Härkönen , CFO 

Ponsse Plc 

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"Fondia knows how to project a case while simultaneously maintaining the big picture."