"We increasingly engage Fondia in our operations. We would like Fondia to open an office in Denmark so that we can do even more work together."


We have a relatively small legal department that mainly deals with contracts, which is why we are Fondia’s LDaaS customers. We need the most resources for dealing with daily legal issues and therefore we need background support. 

Today, we have one lawyer in Norway, one in Denmark, one in Finland and one in Sweden. This means that I am constantly dealing with a flood of multinational offers and the workload is overwhelming. So, while our sales department pitches and wins contracts, we receive drafts that need to be reviewed and signed. This, in turn, leads to having no time for daily running tasks. This is where Fondia enters the picture. 

Above all, we need help with everyday contract law issues. For example, we go through our contract model once a year and the models apply to both customers and subcontractors. In addition, we work with close to 7,000 interpreters and translators, whose contracts have to be constantly updated. 

A recurring scenario for us at Semantix is that we email Fondia without any prior warning, even if the matter is relatively urgent – and this works fantastically. When we have a specific contact lawyer in Sweden, we can, in principle, ask for advice about any question, at any time. 

Sometimes there are more tasks and sometimes less, but it always works. In addition, Fondia sometimes responds directly to the customer, meaning that we do not have to be an intermediary, only monitor how the matter is resolved. 

We have been considering hiring another lawyer, which would lighten the workload, but we would not be able to work at the same pace. Since Fondia has more lawyers who can solve more problems, we would lose the flexibility that we currently have as Fondia’s customer. 

Now I do not have to worry about asking too much. If we had another lawyer on the payroll, the workload would need be adjusted accordingly. 

We have also received assistance from Fondia in certain HR matters in Finland. We increasingly engage Fondia in our operations. We would like Fondia to open an office in Denmark so that we can do even more work together. 

Carina Vibenius, Chief Legal and Tendering Officer 



"Sometimes there are more tasks and sometimes less, but it always works."