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Competition and Public Procurement

Competition law and public procurement issues can present complex challenges for your business. Our experienced and passionate legal team will help you solve them.

A business-first approach to compliance and procurement

Competition rules, regulated public procurement processes, and state aid matters present complex waters that companies must navigate. Our team of competition lawyers have the deep understanding and extensive experience your company needs to do just that. We’ll be there to provide practical legal and business-oriented advice on any and all issues your company may face.

Public procurement
State aid
Market Court


Competition rules affect your business in many ways – probably more than you may even think. Our lawyers will be there to advise you on all competition law matters, from questions regarding commercial agreements and various arrangements to cartel investigations and merger control.

In addition to advising you on specific competition law related questions, we’re also committed to helping you manage competition law related risks by helping you run training and competition compliance programs. Together, we’ll look into your business practice and decide the best way to raise and maintain compliance awareness in your organization.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

  • Distribution systems

  • Dominant market position

  • Cartel investigations

  • Merger control

  • Competition policies, guides and training

  • Risk assessment

  • Dealing with authorities

  • Damages claims

  • State aid matters

Public Procurement

Selling to the public sector requires a very distinct approach. Our team is familiar with all aspects of public contracts and can vastly improve your chances of winning them. We will support your company through every phase in the selling process, including complex bidding processes, negotiations and possible court proceedings.

Our lawyers will help you conduct regulated procurement processes from start to finish, including strategic planning, the drafting of procurement documents, and handling of appeal proceedings.

We also train tenderers and contracting authorities in any and all public procurement matters.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

  • Tender and procurement processes

  • Bidding strategy

  • Procurement documents

  • Public contract reviews

  • Public contract amendments

  • Complaints and appeals

  • Damages claims

  • Transactions of businesses with public contracts


"Fondia works with a strong focus on the client and always takes issues as close to the finish line as possible."

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