Andre Prentell

André Prentell

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Competition and Public Procurement Lead +46 735 05 32 91 Stockholm

André Prentell

Since earning my law degree, I have chosen to specialise in public law, and then mainly public procurement, commercial agreements, disputes and litigation. My main area of focus is reviews of public procurement.

I arrived at Fondia from the law firm of Jansson & Norin and already had previous experience from government work, as well as other areas. Both from previous work and my current role, I have experience representing both the public and the private sector in implementing public procurement. In addition, I have experience working externally with LOU (the law of public procurement), LUF (the law on procurement in the supply sectors), LUK (the law on the procurement of concessions), LUFS (the law on procurement in the field of defense and security) and LOV (the law on systems of choice)

I prefer to spend my free time travelling, playing indoor hockey or in Roslagen, in the Swedish Archipelago.

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