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Data has become increasingly important in everyday business. Let our experts help you in navigating the complex regulatory framework around data.

New challenges and opportunities with the regulation around Data Economy

Almost all industries are linked to the Data Economy in some way. Companies acquire or share data with partners, use it in their business or use platform services either directly or as distribution channels for their own services. New technologies such as artificial intelligence will also lead to new legal issues that are not addressed by existing regulations and case law. The EU has responded with its own data strategy and related legislation. Navigating new regulations and applying existing regulation to new business models and technological developments is a necessity but also an opportunity to seek new business benefits.

Fondia’s lawyers help your business navigate the legal challenges and opportunities of the Data Economy

Our Data Economy lawyers closely monitor regulatory developments in the EU and domestic regulatory areas. Combined with solid experience in our clients' businesses, we help our clients find solutions to legal issues related to the use of data, AI and platform services. We also help our clients identify business opportunities arising from new regulations, such as the Digital Services Act or Digital Market Act already in force, or the upcoming Data Act and AI Regulation.

We’ll be there to advise you on, e.g.:

  • Strategic preparation in product and business model design to ensure compliance in advance

  • Continuous support and insights into regulatory development

  • Regulatory Impact Assessments of processes and business models

  • Reviewing and adjusting service terms to ensure compliance with new regulations

  • Updating contract templates to accommodate the new rules around data

  • Drafting of internal compliance policies and related trainings

  • Aligning processes to match the increased regulatory requirements

  • Monitoring and reporting services to protect your rights and interests

The rise of AI fuels productivity and introduces new risks to control and mitigate

AI technology is becoming increasingly relevant for companies regardless of their field. AI is making its way to the desks of everyone through integrations to the most popular office applications. New applications and tools using AI are born by the hundreds each month. As AI unlocks new potential and turbocharges productivity, it is very attractive to companies seeking to develop their business. To be able to fully take advantage of the obvious benefits of AI in a sustainable way, attention to the legal side of things is imperative. 

Let Fondia guide you in your journey with AI

We want to help you ensure compliance in the field of AI and to utilize AI in a smart and efficient manner. We have therefore assembled a team of lawyers with experience from the fields of tech, privacy and intellectual property who will help you navigate the field of AI in a smart and compliant way. Our lawyers are happy to assist you in assessing the legal implications of AI usage in your company and defining the actions needed to remain compliant and mitigate legal and business risks. 

We’ll be there to advise you on AI –related issues:

  • Creating practical instructions for employees on how to use generative AI tools

  • Organizing "Management Team Workshops" about the potential of AI technology and the risks to consider

  • Help at every stage of AI technology procurement, from comparing options to procurement and deployment

  • Conducting contract reviews and draft terms of use for AI-powered products and services

  • Conducting data protection impact assessment (DPIA) procedures for AI in line with GDPR requirements

  • Support in HR procedures required by employment legislation in AI-related change situations

  • Training employees on AI related legal requirements and practicalities

  • Clarifying intellectual property issues related to AI

EU’s Data Strategy – Big 5 Regulations:

Our Data and AI experts

Our experts are here to help you in navigating the complex regulatory framework around data. Learn more about our Data and AI experts or contact them directly!

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