Kristina Figūrinaitė

Senior Legal Counsel +370 669 26125 Vilnius

Kristina Figūrinaitė

I joined the international „Fondia“ team with its exceptional professional and committed work culture values as Senior Legal Counsel since 2021.

Before joining „Fondia“ I worked in the public sector for over 11 years. During the last 8 years, I gained valuable work experience as a magistrate assistant in the Lithuanian judicial system, including supreme instance courts, dealing with complex cases. I also worked as a lawyer in the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania.

Additionally, I spent over 5 years in the private sector that allowed me to develop business administration, management, and legal work skills.

My long-term work experience has shaped me as a universal lawyer who can find answers to a wide range of disputes and questions and propose solutions to avoid litigation as well as prepare legal documents professionally.

In “Fondia“ I specialize in environmental protection, marketing and consumer protection, and pharmaceutical law.

In my spare time, I like traveling, reading books, sports, movies, nature. ”Zero-waste” and minimalism topics are my passion.

Marketing and consumer protection
CSR and sustainability
Administrative Law