The energy sector is facing a new era – rapidly changing regulation and requirements for sustainability challenge the industry.


Energy law compliance and proper legal handling of derivatives trading, supply contracts and environmental permits matter more today than ever before. There is strong on-going shift in the energy market towards renewable energy and towards lower carbon energy production. Fondia's energy lawyers regularly help clients with various projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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In Fondia’s energy team, strong legal expertise is combined with in-depth business understanding and experience.

Our experts advise in renewable energy and energy efficient projects, energy regulation and environmental permits and other permits.

They are experienced in various forms of energy (electricity, heat, steam, natural gas, LNG, as well as renewable energy), and provide professional assistance to energy companies, as well as their partners and clients, in legal matters related to the industry.

We advise our customers in:

  • hydro, solar, wind and hydrogen power

  • geothermal energy

  • wood chips and other fuels

  • landfill waste recovery projects

  • energy production and supply contracts

  • wholesale and retail agreements

  • issues related to electricity and natural gas markets

  • derivatives trading

  • business licenses and related compliance issues

  • permits under the Water Act

  • various environmental permits

  • licensing in accordance with redemption and real estate formation legislation

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