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Your company needs a safe and high-quality whistleblowing channel. We can help.

Whistleblowers and anonymous reporting help businesses to stay healthy.

Whistleblowers can actually be good for your business – if you let them. Since the implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive in EU Member State national laws, many companies are now obliged to provide a whistleblowing channel. Fondia’s experienced lawyers make it simple to set up and manage your company’s whistleblowing channel.

Fondia’s Whistleblowing Service is based on our deep understanding of both compliance requirements and the essence of your business. Our approach is practical and business-oriented. We’ll support your board and management in organizing an internal reporting channel within the framework of the EU directive and national legislation.

A Promoter of Responsible Corporate Culture

The purpose of whistleblowing legislation is to enhance the enforcement of laws and policies by providing a high level of protection for people reporting applicable breaches.

A whistleblowing channel allows employees to safely and confidentially report malpractice, unlawful or unethical behavior within the workplace.

These whistleblowing channels are important for employees and also for employers. Through whistleblowing channels, employers are able to access valuable information that might not otherwise be brought to their attention.

We can help you with:

  • An initial survey with Fondia’s compliance experts to assess issues related to establishing an internal reporting channel

  • Whistleblowing policy and guidance implementation

  • Implementation of the reporting channel with your team and Fondia’s service provider

  • Receipt of reports as a continuous service and separately agreed follow-up measures

  • Further processing of reports with designated members of your team

  • Possible forwarding of reports to a public channel or authorities

  • Whistleblowing training for customers

  • Consultation on your company’s internal impact assessment (section 35 of the General Data Protection Regulation)

  • Consultation on your company’s internal co-operation procedure


" Fondia has kept all agreed deadlines, and the quality of work has always been excellent. “

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