Tax advice for different needs of your business.


Fondia's dedicated tax team will assist you with tax-related topics whether they concern e.g., transactions, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, disputes, or tax returns. Our tax team has extensive experience in different fields of taxation and business sectors, enabling us to take a holistic view of the measures and consider their tax implications. Our team will assist you with a practical and business-oriented mindset. We offer solutions that are clear, concrete, and easy to understand.

Income tax
Mergers and acquisitions
Tax structuring
Value added tax
Real estate tax
Personal taxation
International taxation
Transfer pricing
Incentive scheme
Tax appeal procedure
Moving abroad
Tax return
Application for an advance ruling
Special permit application

Business-oriented tax advisors at your service

We advise both private and public operators, from start-ups to international groups and listed companies, on areas like income tax, value added tax (“VAT”), real estate tax, personal tax and transfer tax.

Due to our tax advisors' extensive experience, we can help our clients to proactively identify tax risks and create business-driven solutions. We will check, clarify and advise so that things move forward, and our clients can focus on what they do best – their business.

We advise our clients on areas like:

  • Corporate restructuring

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Tax structuring

  • Due diligence

  • Value added taxation

  • Real estate taxation

  • Staff incentive schemes

  • Working abroad and moving abroad

  • Tax returns

  • Applications for advance rulings

  • Appeals to the courts

  • Setting up and closing down a business

  • Changes of company form

  • Assessment of the place of effective  management and the permanent establishment

  • Taxation at source, withholding taxation

  • Interpretation of tax treaties, other international taxation, and transfer pricing

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