Secondment as a Service

Works like traditional Secondment, but smarter. Cover your temporary need for an additional legal resource.

Ready to go from day one.

The service aims to cover a similar scope of legal work for comparable cost as for an employed lawyer. Instead of a single person, with single person’s capabilities, Secondment as a Service gives you the experience and expertise of a full legal team and more:

  • The seconded lawyer

  • A team of experienced lawyers

  • Basic legal monitoring, knowledge management and databases, templates and a set of other tools supporting the seconded lawyer plus Academy trainings and MyFondia tool to manage the legal affairs

Secondment as a Service may include an agreed number of days per month during which the Fondia’s lawyer works at the customer’s premises. Outside such on-site days the seconded lawyer and the team will be available remotely.

Committed and business-savvy legal advisors

As a customer of Fondia, you not only get legal advice, but you also get your own tailored team that is passionate about your business. They want you to always be one step ahead and take your situation into account. Our values are also close to our hearts, and you will notice that you get high-quality advice with an extra commitment and a personal touch. Read more about which areas we can help you in or contact us directly and we will tell you more about how we can help you!

What do you get?

  • Seconded lawyer has the benefit of the expertise of the supporting team and of more than 110 legal professionals at his /her support.

  • Fondia’s knowledge management services, databases and various tools. 

  • Flexibility – one can have either too much of work or too little at any given time. A Seconded lawyer with supporting team can offer quicker response time when there is a lot to do.  

  • Continuity – one may have absences and when the lawyer leaves the knowledge leaves. Fondia will be there throughout the service term. 

  • Employment risk (when hiring) – standard termination period for Fondia’s services is two months.

  • Recruitment costs – recruitment of a lawyer involves a cost and takes time. Fondia’s service is ready from day one and the monthly fee includes the selection of a suitable seconded lawyer and the team. 

Meet the experts

Meet some of the Fondia lawyers who could be part of your Secondmend as a Service.

Offentlig upphandling

" Fondia commits to the projects, which means the lawyer is actually available throughout the process. "