Linda Graf

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Real Estate and Construction Lead +46 709 611 553 Göteborg

Linda Graf

I am inspired by entrepreneurship and am especially passionate about construction and technology-related issues. Understanding complex technical relationships and using the law as a tool is fantastic. It is also about giving our customers advice on different courses of action, depending on the business, market, goals, challenges and risks. I work mainly with contracting and consulting law, where I, among other things, help our clients to draw up and review agreements or represent them as agents in the event of a dispute, when required. I am also interested in negotiation strategy/tactics and lecture on these subjects.

I started at Fondia in the autumn of 2019 after having previously been an active lawyer. I also have experience of working in various government agencies and from the district court. In addition to law, I have expertise in business development, finance and business management, which is a great foundation for understanding the reality of our clients’ businesses.

When I am not assisting with contractual strategic issues or reviewing technical documents, I like to enjoy the snow with a pair of skis on my feet, or the waves on a board, or by merely trying to keep my exotic plants alive.

Dispute resolution
Contract law
Real estate
Consulting law