GDPR compliance assessment

Do you know if your company’s data protection is up to date? The answer to that question is crucial to your business and Fondia’s GDPR compliance assessment can answer it.

Identify and address your risks

Our GDPR compliance assessment scans any areas of your business related to data protection, identifies compliance issues and gives you practical advice on how to overcome them.

Knowing how your company is handling GDPR compliance is key. Our GDPR assessment is an easy way to find out and the first step in defining your data protection needs. Fondia’s compliance assessment is specifically designed to meet the data protection needs of SMEs doing digital business today. The main focus is on the most important and most frequently neglected data protection issues companies typically face. The assessment is quick and easy to complete and doesn’t require heavy involvement from your company.

Based on the assessment, Fondia's data protection lawyers will prepare a comprehensive screening report for you, including the findings, their criticality, and actionable recommendations on how to improve your level of data protection. And of course we’re happy to help you implement them.

Commitment and business-savvy advisory

Fondia's experienced and knowledgeable data protection lawyers will assist you with all types of matters related to data protection. We provide legal advice regarding both EU-level legislation such as the GDPR as well as specific national data protection legislation, related to for example privacy in the working life. In addition to providing legal advice, we assist in finding business solutions to challenges in data protection. Not only do we look after your business today, we also work with your goals and visions and ensure any risks are managed at an early stage so that you can focus on growth.

What does the GDPR compliance assessment include?

  • Workshop(s) with identified key personnel to form the big picture about your company’s data processing

  • A report of findings concerning the central data protection issues and status

  • Recommendations to enhance data protection compliance

Why partner with Fondia in privacy questions?


Our data protection lawyers are highly experienced and can help your company with all your personal data processing and privacy needs. We serve our clients in a business-oriented way.


Our lawyers have expertise in different fields of data protection and can provide you with legal advice directly related to your field of business.


As a full-service business law firm, you can turn to us with any other needs related to your company’s legal services

" Fondia’s lawyers are able to speak our language, they are practical and very much hands-on. "

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