Legal Department as a Service (LDaaS): the alternative or support to your In-house lawyer

This is a subscription-based service with a fixed price which is controlled entirely by you! The amount of ordered hours can be modified any time in accordance with your increasing or decreasing need for legal services.

How does Legal Department as a Service (LDaaS) work.

We assign your company a contact person - Senior Legal Counsel - who becomes responsible for the legal team that takes care of your company’s needs. You get the power of a dedicated legal team represented by experienced professionals in various areas of law.

LDaaS' main benefits:
  • You always have access to a dedicated team of lawyers.

  • Legal review & plan. Call & Check possibility. Working with tasks set together.

  • You are in control of a monthly fixed fee and the amount of working hours. Unused hours are transferred to the following month.

  • MyFondia – digital task and document platform for you: stay up-to-date on the progress of your assignments wherever you are and whenever you need.

  • With our legal department service, you avoid the costs and risks associated with recruitment.

LDaaS' dedicated legal team:
  • Your dedicated legal team is built to take care of your business in the best possible way and having expertise in relevant legal areas.​

  • With over 120 experts in four different countries, we are also able to create international teams specified for your needs.

  • Our team of lawyers knows your business and ensures that all your legal needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Benefits of the service:

Quality of the service:

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If you are interested in solving your legal matters in the best way, please contact Jurgita Vaičiulionienė, "Fondia Lietuva" Managing Director!