ESG and Sustainability

Sustainability is key for both companies and the environment. Let Fondia’s lawyers help you comply with regulations, minimize risks and seize new possibilities.

Big requirements, big opportunities

Companies in all industries face both complex challenges and great business opportunities around social and environmental sustainability. Investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders want to see companies and their management not only follow legal rules but also to put even greater focus on ethical regulations, international frameworks and company-specific guidelines.

Human rights
Working conditions
Risk management
Corporate responsibility
Responsible entrepreneurship

Let Fondia’s lawyers help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities

Sustainability issues are top of mind for politicians, both on the national and EU levels, and legal developments in this area are progressing fast. Managing sustainability risks in a strategic and proactive way is becoming a prerequisite for long-term value creation. The transition to sustainable business also opens up great opportunities for those companies who stay ahead.

Fondia's lawyers closely follow the developments around sustainability in business law so that we can help you stay one step ahead. Our lawyers have deep knowledge and expertise in sustainability issues. They also have vast experience in business law, a strong business focus, and always apply a proactive approach. We will be there to help you with any and all issues related to sustainability, including human rights, responsible employment practices, environmental law, sustainable finance, and business ethics including anti-corruption.

Committed to you and your business

Our lawyers turn sustainability requirements into concrete, actionably advice for your company, designed around your industry and company size. We’ll help you manage potential sustainability risks and seize the vast business opportunities that sustainability and corporate responsibility bring.

Whether you need support with a specific issue or you’d like to know more about how we can help you handle your corporate responsibility and sustainability issue, we’d love to talk more, so please reach out to our team today so we can set up a free consultation.

We can help with these CSR matters and more:

  • Drafting and revising codes of conduct and policies

  • Whistleblowing schemes

  • Creating sustainability incentives in construction projects

  • Integration of sustainability into supplier agreements

  • Environmental sustainability issues – everything from renewable energy and permit matters to chemicals and waste management

  • Implementing responsible employment practices and policies

  • Marketing and sustainability –avoiding “greenwashing”

  • Sustainable corporate governance

  • Advice on sustainable investments and finance (EU taxonomy regulation, disclosure regulation etc.)

  • Responsible and transparent handling of personal data

  • Management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in transactions and due diligence

  • Advice on human rights related issues

  • Prevention and management of risks related to corruption and money laundering

  • Sustainable public procurement

  • Sustainability in competition law

Did you know that...


The Taxonomy Regulation

The Taxonomy Regulation classifies what constitutes an environmentally sustainable investment and outlines reporting requirements for larger, listed companies and financial players as of 2022. Companies that are not covered can also benefit from aligning and reporting, as doing so can, amongst other things, provide greater access to funding, investments and protection against allegations of greenwashing.


A climate neutral EU

The EU's goal is to become climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this, it has proposed including that goal in a climate law that requires EU institutions and national governments to act to achieve it. It’s very likely that we will see more statutory sustainability requirements for companies in the future in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.


New human rights legislation on the way

The EU Commission is expected to present a legislative proposal on environmental and human rights due diligence during 2021. The aim is to help companies identify, prevent and mitigate real and potential risks that their activities may cause in this area. According to the European Parliament's previous proposal, small and medium-sized enterprises will be covered but also regulated to some extent.

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