We provide business-minded and sustainable solutions to our clients’ environmental issues.


We keep our finger on the pulse of the constantly changing field of environmental legislation and monitor authority and legal practices for you. We provide business-minded and sustainable solutions to our clients’ environmental issues.

Our experienced lawyers help companies with all environmental matters.

Our environmental lawyers have extensive experience in various areas of environmental law, such as permit and supervisory procedures, land use and construction, environmental and natural resource legislation, and the successful management of environmental projects.

We have strong expertise on the environmental responsibilities related to business and we assist our clients in various special environmental legal issues. We also analyze and evaluate the environmental aspects and risks in corporate and real estate related transactions.

Environmental law
Environmental protection
Environmental permit
Nature conservation
Land extraction
Water resources management
Circular economy
Waste treatment
Climate change

Industry specific business knowledge and experience

We assist our clients through the whole life cycle of a project, from the plan development to environmental permit procedures and circular economy.

Our dispute resolution team handles contract negotiations and both mediation and disputes in court proceedings. As a customer of Fondia, you can feel confident that we see the big picture

We advise our customers in:

  • large-scale civil engineering projects

  • energy sector projects involving hydropower, wind power, geothermal, and solar power

  • matters related to forest and soil legislation and mining projects

  • environmental permit processes, land rights, redemption, and zoning processes

  • issues related to waste legislation and the circular economy

  • monitoring and environmental responsibility processes

  • legal reforms related to environmental, water and land use rights

  • environmental law training

Our experts

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