Johanna Nilsson

Senior Legal Counsel +46 72 367 72 63 Gothenburg

Johanna assists Fondia's clients in areas such as litigation and construction law.

I help clients who are in conflict to resolve the situation. With more than ten years of experience in dispute resolution, I have the ability to navigate complex situations. By identifying and analysing the core of the dispute, providing honest answers as to where the strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as advising on options and telling you what is needed to move forward, we will find the best solution for your particular situation. Arguing and finding support for your case is something I am passionate about, and if necessary, I will represent you in court or other legal proceedings. Curiosity, the ability to analyse and bring order to matters, and a keen interest in law, language and problem-solving are all qualities that I bring to my work on a daily basis.

Before finding my way to Fondia in early 2022, I worked for more than ten years as a lawyer in a commercial law firm and before that a couple of years in court. Litigation has been my main area of practice throughout my legal career - a branch of law that can come to span a wide range of legal areas - but I also got into contract and consultancy law specifically early on. Today, it is these two areas that mainly fill my working days. In addition to my two main areas of practice, I also happen to advise on other matters within general commercial law, mainly related to real estate and various contractual issues.

In my spare time, I give priority to my loved ones. Getting out into the woods, mountains or water - on foot or, if the opportunity arises, on a horse or a pair of skis - gives me energy.

Construction law