Elisabeth Alexandersson

Senior Legal Counsel, Group Financial Regulation Lead elisabeth.alexandersson@fondia.com + 46 768 645 007 Gothenburg

Elisabeth assists Fondia's clients in privacy questions, compliance and commercial agreements.

I have worked with business law for almost ten years, and I'm driven by understanding and exploring each client's respective industry and the needs, wishes and opportunities that come with it. I'm most comfortable in the financial sector and with companies involved in technology development.

With broad experience as an inhouse counsel in both the financial sector and at a governmental research institute, I have good insights in which values are important for a company. Law is often only a small part of the main production, and the legal issues must therefore be seen in the light of the purpose and goals of the business as a whole. Together with the client, I find pragmatic solutions that work in practice.

I joined Fondia in April 2023 and was attracted by Fondia's services and, as a former in-house counsel, especially of the LDaaS arrangement, but also of the prestige less attitude in an otherwise relatively conservative industry.

Outside of work, you will find me either in a sailing boat, on the ski slope or in the garden, all three preferably in the company of family and friends.

Commercial agreements