Caroline Heimdahl

Senior Legal Counsel +46 73 156 63 40 Göteborg

Caroline is passionate about data protection issues and compliance.

My task here at Fondia is to help companies with the legal challenges that may arise in the business, especially those related to compliance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Whistleblowing Act and other rules that companies must comply with (Compliance). For me, it is important that all staff in a company have relevant knowledge and the right tools to both be able and willing to comply with a company's rules. Therefore, I am more than happy to help educate staff, produce guidelines, checklists and policy documents. In addition, I can also be a good support when agreements are to be negotiated, drawn up or reviewed.

I have previously worked as a corporate lawyer and data protection officer at a large consulting firm, as a lawyer at a business law firm and in court. With my broad experience, I have a great understanding of what legal challenges a company has and how these can be solved in a constructive way that not only works on a theoretical level but also can be practically implemented.

Outside office hours you will find me either with a backpack in the woods or wearing a ”pajama” in the dojo where I both instruct and practice judo.