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Fondia’s Compliance Services navigate the complex landscape of different compliance requirements. We facilitate our clients’ compliance by providing counseling, assistance with implementation and maintenance of compliance processes. We help you to comply.

Fondia’s Compliance Service is based on our experts’ and client’s deep familiarity of the customer’s business and its compliance implications.

Governance and Compliance

  • Regulatory requirements for governance and compliance, as well as number of laws, standards and rules are ever-increasing

  • Increased expectations of stakeholders and customers pose diverse requirements to companies

  • Future trends include compliance by design and default (e.g. GDPR, WB) and combining compliance and sustainability

  • Compliance aspects are usually divided between different functions in the organisation

  • This supports centralized and well-coordinated compliance preparation and work

Our compliance services include, either as an on-going or as a project:

  • A Compliance Risk Assessment conducted by Fondia’s compliance experts, enabling your company to understand your current compliance level and where action is needed

  • The implementation of the identified compliance actions using Fondia’s legal counseling

  • Set up of a Compliance Dashboard for easy monitoring of the company’s compliance

  • Follow up-work and monitoring through Compliance Dashboard

  • Outsourcing the compliance: Fondia can proactively follow up, monitor and plan compliance work through Compliance Dashboard  


“Fondia’s Legal Department as a Service model is a fantastic way of handling our legal affairs.

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