Taking a stand for a better future on the World Children’s Day


Today, It’s World Children’s Day. When discussing human rights, no right should be taken for granted. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most widely ratified human rights treaty in the world, and it includes the human rights of all people under the age of 18 and makes states responsible for their implementation.

One of the basic principles in the treaty is the child’s right to life and development. This principle includes a right for the child to grow safely and the kids to have a possibility to act as members of society.

This year, we established a pro bono partnership related to the wellbeing of children and youngsters in each Fondia country. All of these co-operations support both the legal needs of the organizations doing the paramount work for minors in need as well as take different hands-on actions in helping the organizations in their operations. We are happy to be able as employers to offer our experts a possibility to use their expertise and skills for contributing towards a better tomorrow.

Ever since Fondia was founded, we have made a strategical choice of being involved in building responsible future where the rights of the child are central. Over the years, we have supported causes helping youngsters in risk of exclusion in all our Fondia countries. Now we are going to open the floor for our partners and showcase the extremely important work for our customers and followers in our channels. Happy World Children’s Day and Stay tuned!