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No assholes in here - the importance of a good work community

Fondia is known and proud of more than just its legal expertise. One of our strategic cornerstones are people, and we believe that a good work community is very important for the success of our company. We want to promote an environment and culture where respect, cooperation and shared values flourish. In this Valentine's Day blog post, I delve into the importance of a positive work culture as a success factor for an organization.

Embracing fundamental values

At the center of Fondia's operations are our core values, which have been present throughout our 20-year history. They are not just posters on the walls of our office but form a solid foundation on which the company's identity, culture and ways of working are built.

As a responsible workplace, our values not only guide how we treat each other, but also how we work and respond to the customer needs. By incorporating these values into our daily activities, we create a workplace where everyone feels seen, heard and respected.

Recruitment practices that put people first

A good work community consists of its unique individuals. An ambitious law firm is naturally looking for hardcore professionals to join its team. However, expertise is not enough for us, as we are looking for candidates who not only excel in their fields, but are also in line with our values.

No asshole policy is always strongly involved in our recruitment process, as we believe that it is in the interest of all parties to ensure the compatibility of values and personalities well in advance. However, this does not mean that we are looking to recruit Fondia clones out of the same mould. I feel that different backgrounds and perspectives are richness and together form an even stronger unity.

So, what does the No asshole principle actually mean to us? That we value each other, regardless of position or task. That we want to get to know each other and be open to new ideas and ways of working. Understanding that together we are more and need each other to form this great community. So, although the principle is strongly present in our recruitment processes, it also has its place in our everyday operations and in every encounter, regardless of who the other party in the encounter is.

Psychological safety is the foundation for sustainable success

I strongly believe that to reach one's full potential, one must feel as safe and natural as possible. Any of us can play a different kind of person for a moment. However, that pretense takes energy away from something else, probably innovation and efficiency, for example. It is also tiring and draining and does not contribute to a person's commitment to the community. Thus, not many things are as central to the work community as creating psychological safety. This manifests itself in appreciation, perhaps gentle encouragement to point out the unique and maybe even slightly strange characteristics or habits of each of us, and understanding and supporting in case of mistakes. Exposing and harnessing the uniqueness and vulnerability of each of us can open entirely new opportunities and, at the very least, a foundation for lasting and sustainable success.

At the moment, we are collecting our personnel's experiences of how they perceive Fondia's culture and the opportunity to be themselves. I hope that each of us dares to be open and honest, because it is the only way to provide tools for further development.


Happy Valentine's Day – let's remember to be friendly to ourselves and each other!