Fondia Baltic now offers contact person service


We would like to draw our customers’ attention to this requirement, which has been valid in Estonian company law since the beginning of 2018.

According to the Commercial Code, if the management board of a company or the managers of a company branch established in Estonia are located outside of Estonia, it is mandatory to appoint a contact person in Estonia to whom it is possible to deliver procedural documents addressed to the company.

The contact person is the first point of contact for all authorities. The contact person's information is entered into the Commercial Register to ensure that official documents sent to the company actually reach the company's management.

According to the law, if a company has not appointed a contact person, the registrar shall determine a time frame for appointing a contact person. Unless the company has designated a contact person within the determined time frame, the registrar may decide on the compulsory dissolution of the company or the deletion of the branch of a foreign company.

Although to our knowledge, the Estonian Commercial Register does not carry out systematic or random checks on the fulfillment of the obligation, a violation will become apparent in a situation where an amendment to the Commercial Register is required (for example, when submitting amended articles of association, when changing members of the management or supervisory board, etc.).

We recommend that Estonian companies and branches of foreign companies that need to appoint a contact person do so without delay. Our Fondia team in Estonia would be happy to assist you in assessing whether a contact person requirement applies to your company or branch. If the obligation applies, Fondia Baltic can act as your contact person, as we have been issued a special license for this activity by the Financial Intelligence Unit.