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Corporate responsibility as a competitive advantage and a driver of growth


Responsible business is a necessity for some Finnish companies. For others, it is part of everyday business, a mere statement on their website or even completely untouched ground.

The world is changing in the eyes of both clients and the public debate. Responsibility and sustainable business are currently key business trends.

Fondia has, in many ways, set an example in corporate responsibility within the legal industry. For example, our working model allows our employees to enjoy a good work-life balance and provides our clients a low threshold for using legal assistance. We are proud to take the next step towards becoming an even more responsible business and to better help our clients create a more sustainable tomorrow in their businesses.

Fondia becomes a member of FIBS

Fondia has joined FIBS, the leading promoter of sustainable business in the Nordics. For our employees and clients, our membership will bring new tools and ideas on our journey towards future solutions.

At FIBS’s inspirational ‘Responsibility is no longer an option’ event, amongst 500 other enthusiastic participants, we noticed that we are on the same journey as our clients in striving to make the world a better place through sustainable business. Stay tuned to Fondia’s channels and join us on our journey to becoming an even more responsible actor. Fondia’s corporate responsibility lawyers will help you turn responsibility into a competitive advantage.