Values & Culture

At Fondia, our values do not only direct how we treat each other; they drive how we work and solve our customers’ needs.

Navigating the Legal Sector through Our Values

Our unique culture and no-asshole policy that guide us in the legal industry, mean that coming to work feels great even on Monday mornings. It all starts with our values. We really talk about our values in our everyday life and our actions arise from the values. Find out more about us at about Fondia.

Our values today - driven by Pride & Passion:

Dare to Create

Dare to try new things and to move forward. Our lawyers’ expertise, together with new legal technology, creates solutions. We explore and provide innovative legal models. We are all about law, joy, and professionalism. We are Fondia.

Law Made Smart

At Fondia we don’t just talk law. We talk law for business – because minding our customers’ business is our business. We walk side by side with our customers.  We work proactively and provide clear legal answers. Welcome to the smarter side of law. We are Fondia.

Give and Receive

At Fondia you are never alone. Sharing is caring. We share our work and knowledge, knowing that this brings out the best in us. We celebrate respect, diversity, and appreciation. We enjoy making each other and our customers shine. We are Fondia.

My Place to Work

Be all you can and want to be. Be yourself. Let us speak up and listen. We all have an important role in maintaining the Fondia spirit. Enjoy responsibility and flexibility. Work at Fondia is free from time and place, here you experience work-life balance made real. We are not just another law firm.  We are Fondia.

Fondia Pride & Passion

We Fondians are Proud of and Passionate about our professionalism and being different. In all our actions, we strive to uphold our values. We Dare to Create and Make Law Smart. We Give and Receive, and we build My Place to Work together. We make each other and our customers shine. We are Fondia family.


Fondia employees, or Fondians, are lawyers and business experts, but also mothers and fathers, yoga enthusiasts, semi-professional singers, and a huge variety of other things. The desire to cherish life outside work is so strong that its importance has been recorded as a central starting point for our work-life balance efforts ever since the firm was founded.

However, a big part of a lawyer’s life is centered around work and that is why we aim to make that part of our staff’s lives as smooth as possible. The concrete actions to influence corporate culture are often difficult to identify; it is created in everyday collaboration. In accordance with our values, we work a lot together, share our knowledge, are ourselves and easy to work with, respect each other and our clients, work hard but smart and have fun while doing so.

That is how we act when no one is in watching; Fondia is an example of the emergence of competitive edge through soft values, human interaction, and entrepreneurial mindset shared by the employees.

Fondia's Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Our EVP is strongly connected to our values.

Versatile professional growth

At Fondia, you will get to be involved in various meaningful assignments with different types of customers across numerous industries. You will grow as a professional through various kinds of tasks, inspiring professional colleagues and through new roles or well-chosen quality trainings. You are on the driver’s seat of your own development. Fondia supports you in becoming the best of you.

Freedom and responsibility

At Fondia you get freedom & responsibility: We cherish our flat non-hierarchical organization and set high requirements for our work. All Fondians enjoy working closely in the customer interface with meaningful, versatile work assignments. We all share the responsibility of nurturing Fondia culture – the core is can-do attitude mixed with a strong combination of ownership and teamwork.

Value-driven culture and no asshole policy

Our treasured culture, strong values and no asshole policy mean that it is great to come to work also on Monday mornings. Pride and passion are at the very core of Fondia’s values - Fondians aim to challenge the market and dare to change the legal game. We are proud to be different and are passionate about making law work for our customers’ business.

Work life balance

At Fondia your personal life is valued and respected by all colleagues. Our unique working hour bank allows you to have time off in return of busy days at work. Enjoy responsibility and flexibility. Work at Fondia is free from time and place, here you experience work-life balance made real.

Fondia's roots

The founders of Fondia had a clear vision in 2004. They were convinced that it was possible to offer legal services in new and smarter ways. At the same time, they saw that technology would inevitably change the market and that it could be used as a tool to make a difference for the customer. Last but not the least, they wanted to build a workplace for ambitious and high-performing individuals without compromising on the possibility of balance in life and quality of life. These beliefs and values have since been the backbone of our organization and are still today, more than 15 years later, our driving force.

"We highlight quality in all our work but we do this with an easygoing and positive mindset."