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The students are the future of law. At Fondia, we want to show support to future superstars by offering educational, flexible, and interesting opportunities for the students to practice business law alongside our experienced lawyers. At Fondia all trainees are a highly respected part of the Fondia Family and enjoy many of the same benefits as all other employees. Currently, we offer four different trainee positions – Legal Trainee, IPR Trainee, Knowledge Management Trainee, and Junior Trainee. Please read more about the different roles below and see which of them would be the right one for you!

Fondia is happy to offer trainee positions in Helsinki to Finnish law students. We also offer occasional summer trainee positions in our Sweden offices for Swedish law students. The length of a trainee position at Fondia is usually one year, but personal preferences are accommodated when possible. Many of our trainees choose to continue in their position even after their one-year contract. When applying for an open trainee position, please provide an application letter, CV, and contact information. On your letter and CV, please aspire to show how your past experience, studies, and skills would come together to fulfill the requirements of a trainee position.


Legal Trainee

Fondia's one-year Legal Trainee period is intended for law students who are already advanced in their studies (at least 160 credits). With a long internship, in addition to business law, you will also learn other important working life skills, such as customer service, teamwork, job prioritization and coordination, and how modern legal services are produced and developed. Legal Trainee works an average of 80 hours a month in two-week periods and their main job is assisting our lawyers in client work. Part-time work leaves time to complete studies. When we have a Trainee position opening, you’ll find it in our Open positions.

IPR Trainee

Fondia's IPR Legal Trainee period is intended for law students who are interested in IP rights enforcement and practical legal tech. The program is mainly aimed for students who have reached at least 120 credits and completed studies related to the position (contract and immaterial property law). During the trainee period, in addition to immaterial property law, you will also acquire a comprehensive skillset ranging from day-to-day legal enforcement, customer coordination and problem solving. IPR Trainee works an average of 80 hours a month and their main task is to execute IP monitoring and enforcement straight to our clients with assistance of our lawyers. Flexible part-time work leaves sufficiently time to participate and complete studies.

"At Fondia, I get to develop my skills and gain experience in an encouraging atmosphere."

Knowledge Management Trainee

The work of the Knowledge Management Trainee includes monitoring changes in legislation and keeping our lawyers up-to-date on current legal issues. The most important features of a great Knowledge Management Trainee are a genuine interest in the law and its development, the ability to structure information and report it clearly. KM Trainee works an average of 80 hours a month.

Junior Trainee

Junior Trainees work as part of Fondia’s office services team and their main task is in assisting our entire organization with day-to-day practical matters. In practice, Junior Trainees perform assisting tasks, which in addition to law are related to HR, marketing, sales, financial management and communications. Junior Trainee position is a great match for a first or a second year law student. The position is part-time, leaving time for studies as well. Some of our Junior Trainees have continued to other Trainee positions mentioned above as their knowledge and skills accumulate.


Do you have questions about Fondia’s trainee programs? Please contact Janne Ala-Sippola about Legal Trainee, IPR Trainee, and Knowledge Management Trainee positions and Päivi Orpana about Junior Trainee positions.

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