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We aim to be the most customer-obsessed legal business and the most attractive and fun place to work.

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Fondia has acquired a Future Workplaces sertificate on 2021 and again on 2022. The certificate is presented to organizations that succeed exceptionally good in implementing employee understanding into the core of managing the company culture. It proves we lead with our people in mind.

After acquiring the sertificate for the first time on 2021, our employee satisfaction has been trending upwards.

Tailor-made professional growth for your aspirations

At Fondia, you get to be involved in various kinds of challenging assignments, instead of focusing on one niche area of law. We have very strong expertise in our competence groups that ensure you will reach your goals in professional development and in the legal field of your choice. You will work with different types of customers in different industries, also across country borders. In addition to your legal assignments, you will be able to develop your skills in, for example, account management, marketing, sales, and competence development since they are part of every lawyer’s work at Fondia.

Work-life balance

Are you looking for a position where you have a balanced work-life ratio? At Fondia, work-life balance is truly emphasized and something that is considered important. Fondia offers its employees a time bank and flexible ways of working: you decide when and where you work. Your life situation is considered and respected by all team members. Work-life balance is not just words at us – the balance is made possible through several actions like efficient sharing of work and a team leader who always knows your workload.

"I enjoy being able to define when, where and how I work. I also appreciate working close to our customers."

Ownership and teamwork combined

You will spar and work closely with your colleagues and Fondia’s customers and still have an independent role as a lawyer.

Value driven "tribe"

Fondia’s values manifest in their everyday work and drive the employees’ individual development goals. Pride and passion are at the very core of Fondia’s values - Fondians aim to challenge the market and dare to change the legal game. We are proud to be different and are passionate about making law work for our customers’ business.

" The business is built on shared values and strong company culture, where people come first. "

Sharing and caring is in our DNA.

That’s why we offer a broad range of learning possibilities, benefits, and free-time activities for our employees. In addition to these below we also offer many country-specific benefits to Fondians.

Professional development

We work with diverse customers, markets and assignments so rest assured you will be working with the most interesting tasks with us.

Want to take part in courses, training, or attend an industry conference? Want to take an active role in our competence teams to develop our internal capabilities as well as answering our customers’ needs? Our industry demands that we never stop learning and we foster a culture that supports Fondians’ ambitions to further their knowledge.

Low hierarchy and self-leadership

Fondia gives you freedom & responsibility: we cherish our flat, non-hierarchical organization. Fondians are supported and encouraged in practicing self-leadership. We believe that old-time organizational hierarchies belong in the old times, not in today’s world.


Our values put our employees’ wellbeing first. We emphasize the wellbeing aspect in all countries. All employees have extensive healthcare, insurances (the structure depends from country), several benefits and last but absolutely not least, the encouragement and enablement to seek for a good balance between work and other life aspects. Fondians also organize activities and sports for themselves through Culture Club


On several fronts, Fondia aims to be more sustainable and responsible as a business. On a practical note, it means, for example, that we have special pro-bono partners who we support in their important work. Please read more about our pro bono partners here. Fondia Helsinki office obtained a Green Office certificate from WWF in early 2021 as a result of efficient and resourceful sustainability development work. Our Helsinki headquarters is also a LEED-certified building.

Modern premises

All Fondia offices are located in modern, renovated spaces in city centers for easy commuting. Offices are spacious and offer different types of spaces for different types of work tasks – comfy meeting rooms for internal & external meetings, working spaces, areas for conversation and socializing and quiet spaces.

Flexible working time

At Fondia we trust each other. You decide when and where you work as long as your colleagues and customers are happy. Our timebank allows you to change excess working hours to free time.

“ At Fondia we have a very low hierarchy. You get a lot of responsibility and get to manage your own time as you see fit. "


An open recruitment process

Our no-asshole policy in recruitment guarantees that it is great to come to work also on Monday mornings. Our values and culture act as basis for our ways of working together and with our customers. My place to work is one of our core values and we cherish diversity. Thus, the aim of our recruitment process is to be able to get to know each other through informal discussions. We try to give as relevant and accurate picture of what is it like to be a Fondian as possible for you and us to be able to make a right decision. During recruitment process, you will meet at least four to five potential new colleagues, you get to do a job profile analysis and talk through the results with us.