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Ville Väisänen

Event Producer +358 20 720 5669 Helsinki

Ville Väisänen

As an Event Producer, I possess a diverse set of competencies and expertise essential for successfully planning and executing various events. My main tasks are planning and executing various events together with the House Team. I also help other Fondians with their client events and I’m responsible of maintaining the Culture Club.

I have plenty of hands-on experience in planning events, coupled with a solid educational background in the field. My practical expertise, combined with my formal education, has equipped me with a comprehensive skill set to successfully organize and execute a wide range of events.

I have a deep appreciation for running, relishing the endorphin-fueled freedom it brings. Exploring nature is another passion of mine, as I find joy in immersing myself in the beauty of the outdoors. Additionally, I love experiencing diverse cultures, whether through art, cuisine, or traditions, as it enriches my understanding of the world.