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Terhi Niva

Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 7205 408 Helsinki

Terhi Niva

I started at Fondia in May 2013, with more than twenty years of previous experience as a corporate lawyer in international companies. My B2B business experience includes technical trade and healthcare. I first became interested in Fondia when the company was still young, a positive differentiator from other law firms. Fondia does legal work like an in-house lawyer: it supports the business with solutions up front. As a former in-house lawyer I like the approach. Being proactive leads to more fruitful collaboration, rather than having an outside expert putting out fires. My solid experience as a in-house lawyer gives me the basis for a wide range of work, so I would describe myself as generalist. Throughout my Fondia career I have been actively involved in selling Fondia's services, and for the last 5 years this has been my main activity alongside training, working on my own legal department and being a sales team leader.

In my spare time I enjoy a wide range of sport activities. In the summer, the archipelago, boating and cottaging relax me.

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