Nelia Janiušina

Patent Attorney +370 615 46 039 Vilnius

Nelia Janiušina

My long and rich professional experience since my studies in engineering and later in law is directly related to the creation, production and legal protection of intellectual property objects not only in Lithuania, the EU, but also all over the world. I believe that I have reached an expert level in my profession, which allows me to carry out clients' instructions and solve challenges promptly and rationally. I have more than 30 years of professional experience, which enables me to help clients make decisions related to the protection of their intellectual property while focusing on the specifics of their business.

Throughout my career, I have managed and implemented a number of projects in the field of international trademark, design and invention protection, and I have represented well-known Lithuanian and foreign clients in complicated pre-litigation and litigation disputes.

I sincerely respect all my clients and highly value their and my colleagues’ professionalism, trust, openness, tolerance and good will. Relying on my knowledge and experience, I always try to find the right and most useful solution to the problem for the client, without wasting time or effort.

I love my family very much, with whom I spend my free time in a fun and meaningful way.

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