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Marit Saul

Senior Legal Counsel +372 5804 7019 Tallinn, Tartu

Marit Saul

I have joined Fondia to help companies build and maintain their legal departments at the highest level possible. I have years of experience working in Head of Legal roles in startups and tech companies and wish to bring my experience and knowledge to scale the legal department as a service offering in the Baltics. Working in-house has gotten me acquainted with many different areas of law and I see myself as a generalist. I am passionate about seeing the big picture and the holistic view between different areas of law. My heart lies with the technology sector as it is built on change and growth. The possibility to learn new things and adapt to constant changes is something that motivates me the most.

Family is most important to me, so outside work I try to meet their needs first and then tend to my hobbies. I love to travel and spend time in the nature, whether it is in the woods hiking or on the sea sailing or kayaking. Having some me time with a great book and a hot cup of coffee is also very essential.

M&A and Finance
Data protection
Legal Tech and new ways of working