Lisa Westerlund

Marketing Manager +46 73 335 80 18 Stockholm

Lisa Westerlund

For me, successful communication is about saying the right thing, in the right way, to the right person. But it is also important that the message I convey is something I believe in. Being able to work as marketing manager at Fondia and spread our knowledge, unique culture and offerings to the marketplace feels like the world’s best job.

I worked in communication, marketing, business development and CSR issues in various roles for over 15 years. This includes working in industries, such as manufacturing/product development, consulting and law, but I also spent a few years at a peace organisation.

In addition to my work at Fondia, I am an active writer and much of my free time is spent with fictional characters on great adventures. Outside the world of books, I enjoy spending time with my family, in nature or on my yoga mat.