Katariina Kuusiluoma

Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 720 5430 katariina.kuusiluoma@fondia.com Helsinki

Katariina Kuusiluoma

I am a customer-oriented and legal tech driven lawyer whose passion is to help customers identify many times business critical legal needs and find best solutions to those needs. I am also passionate about making law, legislation and legal recommendations as easy as possible to understand. I am advising customers in general business and contract law.

Before joining Fondia, I was an entrepreneur for eight years. I was a founder, a developer and a lawyer in a law firm that disrupted legal industry in family and inheritance law by making law easy, accessible and affordable by renewing the way legal services can be provided and bought. In addition, I have also worked as a bank lawyer assisting customers in different legal matters.  

In my spare time, I answer readers' questions in the Lawyer Answers column in ET magazine.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I believe that the best way to clean up the mind is to tidy up and I believe that everything beautiful enriches the soul. That's why I love to clean and I like a beautiful environment at home and at work. I have two children, a teenager and a pre-teen, with whom I spend my free time on everything from schoolwork to cooking together. Our family loves food. My latest relaxation technique is gentle yin yoga.

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