Jussi Hakanen

Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 7205 409 jussi.hakanen@fondia.com Helsinki

Jussi Hakanen

I specialize in Dispute Resolution and Corporate Social Responsibility issues.

I have assisted clients in various arbitration, litigation, and criminal proceedings since 2013. I have completed the Finnish Bar Exam and the court training in a District Court and the Helsinki Court of Appeal.

Long-term risk management, justice, and reconciliation of different interests are key elements not only in Dispute Resolution but also in building sustainable and responsible businesses. At Fondia, I help client companies adapt their business to the frames required by the environmental crisis, human rights, and increasing regulation. Since sustainability is not just a matter of law, I have also studied sustainability themes in my Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree.

During my leisure time, I enjoy my family and friends, music, literature, and nature.

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